Colin-on-Cars – Reducing workplace vehicle crashes

With some 40% of workplace deaths the result of vehicle crashes, companies need to put in place a culture of road safety for at word drivers.

South Africa crash statistics are way higher than international levels and this serves to highlight the importance of actively trying to reduce the number of crashes that occur amongst fleets.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, adds: “Not only does it show how important it is to take measures to reduce workplace crashes but also shows the importance of giving an honourable nod to companies committed to road safety and that take active steps to reduce the occurrence of this within their companies.


“It is for this reason MasterDrive presents its inaugural Fleet Safety Awards, which will recognise and honour companies and individuals that make this commitment to road safety. Through the awards we hope to pay homage to companies that take the issue of road safety as seriously as we do by making it a part of their company ethos, starting at the top of the organisation and trickling its way throughout to every member that gets behind the wheel.”

More information on MasterDrive’s Fleet Safety Awards will be released soon. Nominations for companies deserving of this honour are already open. Should you know of a company that you believe is paragon of road safety with the corporate world, please email to obtain more information about what is required to qualify and how to make your nomination.


The event will feature international speakers who will share their experience in the road safety arena along with a number of other speakers. The winner will be selected by an independent panel of judges based on specific criteria. The event will also be MasterDrive’s first hybrid event enabling a selected number of people to join in person.

Internationally, road safety policies within companies are given the utmost priority.

“Unfortunately, in South Africa there are only a limited number of companies, often with international presence, that give the issue of road safety as much priority. Conversely, there are a large number of companies that do not grasp the importance of doing everything possible to prevent road accidents. As a society we need to change this perception and the belief that the stats we see are as a result of the actions of other drivers and not our ourselves.


“MasterDrive believes that by lauding the companies that give road safety the attention it needs, it will encourage others to follow their example. We spend much time raising awareness of road safety and common issues that affect this. It is now time to show appreciation for the organisations that take these issues seriously. Your efforts do not go unnoticed by MasterDrive!,” says Herbert.

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