Colin-on-Cars – Growth of 5% possible for commercial vehicle market

An overall market growth of 5% for the commercial vehicle sector would be ideal for 2022 according to Filip Van den Heede, managing director of UD Trucks.

He believes this is achievable, saying: “The local transport industry is showing steady signs of recovery from the ongoing global impact of COVID-19. A total of 27 075 trucks and buses were sold during 2021 in South Africa1, an increase of 19% as compared to previous years.

“Despite all the unforeseen setbacks, over the past two years, the local transport industry is showing steady growth, it will be a bumpy road ahead of full economic recovery, requiring interventions such as building smarter logistics with lower environmental impact and taking a value-based approach to managing supply chains.


“As the saying goes, ‘in every crisis lies great opportunity’. The post pandemic era presents the logistics industry with an opportunity to be part of working towards a greener planet. Logistics providers have also been part of the environmental degradation problem that our only planet is facing and now is the time to go the extra mile and be an active part of the solution as well.”

He says the company’s long-standing commitment to providing trucks and services the world needs today and tomorrow has led UD Trucks to introduce Euro 5 trucks ahead of regulations in South Africa.

“Our Euro 5 model range will expand later in 2022 with the addition of two new models. This latest launch also ensures greater resilience for businesses in a fast-changing world, be ever-ready for tighter regulations in the future.”

A Euro 5 system with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology is a globally proven technology reducing carbon footprint, lowering NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) levels and ensuring cleaner emissions.


A better environment will also provide a stronger foundation to drive economic progress, helping businesses achieve sustainable growth and long-term value–especially amongst fast-growing economies, such as South Africa.

“Process enhancements such as automation, connectivity and electromobility can help reduce the pressure on logistics. We at UD Trucks have long invested in Smart Logistics solutions, outfitting our trucks with connected devices and safety features that can analyse data in real-time to improve efficiency and safety,” he says.

“The use of UD Telematics system can help customers monitor factors influencing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of their fleet such as fuel consumption, utilisation, vehicle health, vehicle location and driver behavior, to identify areas for improvement.

UD Trucks offers telematics as standard on all new trucks sold in order for customer to take their performance and TCO to new levels.

“With the opening of a new UD Trucks dealership in the Vaal region in 2021, our customers can expect more choice and flexibility as we open a few more UD Trucks dealerships in the coming years.”

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