Less copper

Reducing heavy metal usage, notably copper, is the new target for the brake industry and Federal-Mogul Motorparts has jumped ahead of US legislation by introducing Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads.

Formulated after five years of research, with 1 500 materials tested and the subsequent development of 25 new components, Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads outperform local legislative requirements to minimise the use of copper. The result is less emissions, in addition to weight loss, less use of heavy metals, more stopping power, and the same outstanding performances as Ferodo Premier pads.

The extensive testing that underpinned the development of Eco-Friction was aimed at identifying an optimum formula that sustains the same binding effect as copper. Materials tested included metal sulphides, minerals, abrasives, fibres, ceramic particles, and various types of graphite. The main criteria for the testing were quality, safety, and performance.

Ferodo has introduced Eco-Friction ahead of the latest legislation passed in the states of Washington and California in the United States that stipulate the reduction of copper content in brake pads. The new technology focuses specifically on low- or zero-copper brake-pad formulations, reducing heavy metals and emissions.

Eco-Friction also comes with new packaging features, including anti-counterfeit protection, OEM-matched accessories, a product drawing on the reverse side, and a high-quality, top-opening design. In addition, the pads are shrink-wrapped, with new ECO markings, a leaf classification on the back of the box, and new fitting instructions for easier installation.

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