Rambo comes to town

Rambo is coming to town. Well, more correctly RAMBO and the town is the holiday venue of Margate on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast.

RAMBO is the acronym for the Rainbow Mzansi Bikers Organisation and its leader, Max Rabalago, will be riding into the South Coast Bike Fest on April 27 in style on his Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle to be part of the three-day event that sees biker clubs from around the country gathered for sun, fun and music.

An incredibly effective biker organisation, RAMBO essentially bridges the gaps between various races and cultures, embedding the Ubuntu notions into a historically American culture. It represents the interests of many motorcycle clubs, primarily consisting of black bikers, spread across Gauteng, the Free State and North West.

The Johannesburg based Rabalago maintains his passion regarding the festival was revived when his company got invited by Harley Davidson to showcase their bikes at a work event. He further appreciates the atmosphere and the fact that during the Bike Fest the individuals and companies are afforded an opportunity to rub shoulders outside the scope of their normal work duties. This is what brings dignity to the festival, he added.

Rabalago who will be representing RAMBO at the South African National Biking Council Alliance (SANBCA) meeting taking place, said the black biking fraternity is growing extremely fast.

“It is bringing people from different walks of life together, affording the previously disadvantaged community an opportunity to participate and be exposed in the festivities which will in turn bring spin-offs in terms business and tourism opportunities.”

One biker whose name is synonymous with extreme stunts is Alfred Matamela, AKA King Donut, who will be showing off his legendary moves on his Yamaha R1 and MT10, sponsored by Yamaha SA with tyres sponsored by Shinko SA.

The Limpopo based legend alluded to the fact biking has instilled a culture of bringing a flair to several flagship events and jovial atmosphere to towns when they ride along. Coming from humble beginnings herding cattle in a the Tshiheni Village, Matamela has shown what tenacity and a passion for motorcycles can achieve.

He founded the successful Soweto Motorbike School where he instructs upcoming riders and is also the brand ambassador of Yamaha SA. King Donut will be showing off his moves on Saturday, 28 and Sunday, 29 April at 11.30am.

Commenting on the South Coast Bike Fest, he says: “These festivals are important to the biking community, which was previously associated with gangs. The festivals rid us of this stigma and show we are a close community. They also give us a chance to show off our skills. Excellence has no skin colour.”

Representing the South Coast at the exciting Powasol EnduroX on his WR250F is Piwe Zulu, who hails from the Gamalakhe Township outside of Port Shepstone.

He has competed in the Matat2Pont, South Coast Xtreme Enduro and Powasol EnduroX in Pietermaritzburg. Recently he’s been racing in the Liquorland Nationals where he finished 6th in Silver Class as well as competing in the Roof of Africa in Lesotho. He will be riding at the SCBF2018 Powasol EnduroX taking place on Monday, 30 April at the Village Fishing Pier from 8am to 4pm.

“Biking is slowly growing – I’m seeing more and more black competitors at events,” says Zulu, commenting on the growth of the black biking fraternity. “These festivals are important as we get big love and support from the spectators. I love the travelling and sponsorship support.”

In addition to this extreme biker programme, visitors to this year’s South Coast Bike Fest will also get the chance to visit eight festival-themed bars, a corporate dealership deck as well as 22 onsite clubs, pubs and restaurants catering to all interests and tastes.

All bikers and pillions are urged to pre-register online for #freefunseeker tickets which gives free access to the entire event precinct including the main stage featuring all the headline artist performances. All non-biking pedestrians will be charged a fee of R60 per day which provides access to the event precinct. For another R150, #fuelyourfun ticket holders can access the Budweiser Main Beach Stage Golden Circle.

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