Fidelity into car tracking

Fidelity Security has expanded its operations to include SecureDrive, a partnership between Fidelity and Amber Connect.

Wahl Bartmann, Group CEO of Fidelity Security, says moving into this segment made perfect sense for Fidelity.

“The exclusive partnership between Fidelity and Amber Connect combines world class technology with a massive local South African footprint in terms of vehicle installations, technical support and vehicle recoveries,” says Bartmann. “With SecureDrive, Fidelity is the only company that has a mobile application with an assist feature, where national response is provided through Fidelity ADT.”

Fidelity SecureDrive is the smallest telematics device in the world and comes standard with a global SIM that operates seamlessly in more than 145 countries. There are mobile applications for both Android and iOS with a rich set of features.

“The emphasis of Fidelity SecureDrive is on smart fleet management,” he adds. “While a vehicle is moving, its location is updated on the mobile applications in near-real time. What is exceptionally exciting about this product is, as a world first, the mobile application employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the Amber Shield feature to pro-actively inform the driver of any risk events associated with the vehicle.”

Web portals are custom built for consumers, enterprise and insurers where information is aggregated and insights are provided in near-real time.

“Home security solutions are our forte so it makes sense that plans are also already underway to add the connected home features to the SecureDrive mobile application,” says Bartmann.

The Fidelity ADT and Fidelity Security fleets are currently being fitted with Fidelity SecureDrive and Bartmann says initially the product is being introduced to the fleet sector followed by a later launch into the consumer market.

“We are confident that there is a demand for this product. The technical capabilities that it offers are new, innovative and what fleet managers are looking for. Our business objective across all our services and products is to optimise technology innovation to keep our customers and their possessions as well as our employees safe. Fidelity SecureDrive is doing just that,”

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