Shattered glass

You have all seen the movie. You know the one – a winding road in the middle of nowhere, a skid, a crash and the car ends upside down in the river with the music building to a massive crescendo as the occupant(s) race against time to undo their seat belts and….SHOCK! HORROR!…cannot break the glass to escape.

The hero type who arrives in the nick of time to save them is, sadly, not the likely scenario in real life where cars actually do crash and rollover – espeially not on that long and winding road far from the madding crowd.

It is difficult to describe the aftermath of a roll, even when this does not involve being upside down and under water. There is shock, disorientation, disbelief and panic.

What is true is the fact auto glass is a lot stronger than it might appear and even side windows are hard to break with bare hands or even feet.


As a product you should have but hopefully will never need, the LifeHammer has a spring-loaded ceramic tip to shatter glass and an integrated seatbelt cutter. The small hand-held unit can easily be mounted in the car within reach.

Simply pressing it against the glass will cause the hammer action to work.

The LifeHammer has been developed by Life Safety Products in the Netherlands.


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