Looking forward to 2019

Hino South Africa heads into 2019 with the launch of a 1627 FC Crew Cab in manual and automatic scheduled for March alongside some upgrading of the Dyna and this on the back of an extremely successful 2018.

hino crew cab

It notched up another full-house of category-leading results in the Data Track Comparative Customer Satisfaction Monitor (CCSM). Hino came out top in the fourth quarter results in terms of overall ranking as well as topping the categories for sales, service, and parts.

Hino had raised the benchmark for the combined score to 99,25% in the third quarter of 2018 and then raised this mark even higher in the fourth quarter, lifting it to 99,35%. Sales ratings hit a new high at 99,80% satisfaction as did service, reaching 99,40%.

Parts was marginally down at 98,86%, compared to 99,17% in the third quarter, but this was still well clear of the runner-up in this category that scored 97,40%.

Two brands tied for the runner-up spot in the combined score at 97,39%, compared to Hino’s score of 99,35%. The national average combined score was 94,18%, which is still very good as it is only just below Scott Byers’ benchmark of 95%.

Data Track has been conducting these independent, quarterly customer experience interviews with fleet operators continuously since 1989. The results are used by the local transport industry as key indicators regarding the levels of customers service in sales, parts, technical service and overall by the manufacturers and importers of trucks in SA.

“We, as the Hino team, are exceptionally proud of our ongoing successes in the Data Track surveys, particularly as we continue to set new benchmarks in this ongoing market research with our customers,” says Ernie Trautmann, Vice President of Hino SA.

“This latest achievement was the cherry on the top for us in 2018, as Hino also came out top in the commercial vehicle section of the 2018 Dealer Satisfaction Index, conducted annually by the National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA), and which allows dealers to rate their manufacturers or distributors,” added Trautmann.


“We at Hino are now all fired up to continue to maintain our top position in this important quarterly survey in 2019.”

For the current year, Hino is predicting a very modest growth in commercial vehicles sales of less than 1% but Trautmann says he expects to see a 4,5% growth in parts sales to R370-million.

He adds it is the aim of the company to be the No 1 truck brand in South Africa.

“Our ongoing success is a direct outflow of the application of the global Hino Total Support strategy, which is driven by Hino Motors Limited in Japan, but extends to building strong relationships between our parent company, our dealers, suppliers and, importantly, all our customers,” he says.

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