Kuzer kicks UD Trucks into high gear

A new sense of purpose is sweeping through UD Trucks South Africa with the company’s return to the light truck market in the form of the new Kuzer.


Jacques Michel, President: Volvo Group Trucks Asia, says: “The re-entry of UD Trucks into the light duty segment is not only about trucks, but about new services the company is offering dealers and customers that fully recognise the changing trends and demands of the market.

“UD Trucks has had a strong dealer network for some 57 years but, new demands from customers on items such as payload and fuel efficiency mean the company has to adapt to provide new transport solutions for those customers.”

The Managing Director of UD Trucks, Gert Swanepoel, added: “The Kuzer allows us to offer a full range of products to our customers. This truck was specifically designed for emerging markets needs and fits extremely well into the South African scenario.”

With a GVM of 8 999 kg, the Kuzer can be driven by an operator with a Coe 08 licence, making it especially attractive to small business operators, in-city delivery operations and the like.


The Kuzer RKE150, the only model on offer at this stage, is build as a freight carrier but, according to Marketing Director, Rory Schulz, can be configured as a tipper or even a compactor.

The 4×2 configuration on a 3 850 mm wheelbase is powered by a 3,8-litre common rail diesel engine that has an output of 112 kW at 2 800 r/min with 400 Nm or torque coming in from 1 400 r/min to 1 800 r/min and it drives through a 6-speed manual transmission – final drive ratio being 4,8:1.

With the mass specification of the Kuzer, it provides another user advantage in that it can be driven at highway speeds up to 120 km/h which, says Schulz: “… makes a huge difference in time management, especially on any journeys where the vehicles is running empty.


“Sevices being offered to customers include UD Mobile Workshops so maintenance can be done on site to reduce operating downtime. The Kuzer comes with advanced on-board diagnostics that can be remotely monitored, so early warnings of service needs can be issued well before there is a breakdown.”

The Kuzer also comes with a wide cab, specifically chosen to improve overall driver comfort and to allow more space for co-workers. Additionally the larger doors allow easier access so it is less tiring for those drivers who have to get in and out often in the course of a delivery route.

“The biggest focus of UD Trucks right now is creating success for our customers,” says Michel. “We are bringing the solutions to help customer business to grow.”

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