SANRAL scheme backfires

The latest move by SANRAL to try and pressure non-payers into coughing up for its Guteng toll charges – yet to established as lawful – has backfired with six members of the Credit Bureau Association stating they will remove any blacklisting related to Sanral eToll Judgments.

While SANRAL is within its rights to obtain these default judgments against people who failed to act on a summons, this action does question the morality of SANRAL’s actions especially in light of their engagement in a test case with OUTA’s (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse) supporters to determine the lawfulness of the defunct e-toll scheme.

According to OUTA’s Wayne Duvenage: “OUTA supporters who have received a summons and passed these on to OUTA, have had all their cases / charges stayed. The e-Toll test case is underway and is expected to reach court some time later this year or next year unless of course sanity prevails, and Government makes the morally courageous decision to pull the plug on the e-toll scheme.”

There are more-than 3-million motorists in debt to SANRAL for unpaid e-tolls and to date they have issued summonses for less than 0,01% of them. It is reasonable to assume that some members of the public have not followed due process and did not defend the matter or did not channel it to OUTA to do so on their behalf.

For SANRAL to now pounce on these individuals or businesses against the backdrop of recent announcements by the Transport Minister Blade Nzimande who said that there are discussions underway to resolve the e-tolls issue, sails close to acting in bad faith. SANRAL is putting undue pressure on society when the e-Toll scheme and policy has failed to achieve its objectives.

“If indeed you received a summons from SANRAL for non-payment of e-Tolls, we remind you that this must not be ignored. You must act immediately and defend it. If you are unsure of the process, you are free to contact OUTA at or telephonically at 0871700639 for the necessary guidance.

“OUTA also urges all our supporters and motorists who have defied the irrational e-toll scheme, to check with a credit bureau whether SANRAL has obtained a default judgment against them. In the event this has occurred, and they were not aware of it, they should consider having this judgment rescinded in court. By ignoring this, their credit ratings may be negatively affected.”

For more information on e-toll Default Judgements, see here.


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