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Chinese automaker, JMC (Jiangling Motors Corporation), has grown its local range with the addition of a 4-tonne version of the Carrying, priced under R300 000 in dropside configuration including a 3-year/90 000 km service plan and a 5-year/150 000 km warranty.

Longer, larger and safer than the Carrying, the Carrying Plus sits on a 2 800 mm or 3 360 mm wheelbase and has a dual-tyre rear axle, enabling it to comfortably manage a four-tonne payload. Two cabin widths are available: the standard 1 880 mm version or 2 050 mm.

JMC 1a

With a forward-control layout the cabin is nonetheless designed to be aerodynamic and safe. Large headlights are stacked alongside the grille, above which there is a wide, curved windscreen, giving the driver excellent forward visibility. The same approach has been taken with the side glass where the window line slants downward to ensure front three-quarter and side visibility. Large exterior mirrors stand wide of the cab, maximising rear visibility.

Driver and passenger comfort includes power steering with height adjustment and – on Lux versions – air-conditioning and power windows.

Standard features include a radio, reverse warning alarm, front foglamps, dual sunvisors and generous cabin oddment space.


Powered by an Isuzu-derived 2,8-litre turbo-diesel mustering 84 kW and 210 Nm, the all-new JMC Carrying Plus is primarily designed with long days and short nights in mind and an 83-litre fuel tank maximises operating range.

A heavy-duty braking system includes anti-lock and an exhaust brake and drive is to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox.

The Carrying Plus has a tare weight of 2 480 kilograms and has a gross vehicle mass of 6 500 kilograms for a payload of 4 020 kilograms thanks to the dual tyre rear axle. It can be ordered in three configurations: dropside, box van or tipper and all are built in Nanchang, China

JMC 1ba

When fitted with a dropside body the extended wheelbase (3 360 mm) Carrying Plus boasts a cargo area of 4 155 mm by 1 940 mm, with a depth of 380 mm. The latter number increases to or 2 050 mm in wide-cabin guise. With a box body, dimensions are 4 080 mm by 1 910 mm/2 050 mm (normal and wide-body respectively) and a height of 1 930 or 2 050 mm.

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