Mobile banking

While the concept of a mobile bank is by no means new, Serco has taken it to a new level with a unit designed and built in less than three months on behalf of a bank in a neighbouring country.

The vehicle is part of an initiative to provide added support in the event of a disaster. Should a branch be impacted for any reason, the mobile unit will be sent and can take over the functions which it is fully equipped to do.

Serco bank interior 1

The mobile unit was built and designed according to the bank specifications in Serco’s Durban factory using state-of-the-art Protec steel panels, has capacity and facilities for two ATM’s and bullet proof booths for three fully functional tellers.

The injected foam core panels with steel facings have been increased from the standard to ensure heightened safety and security.

Further features on the vehicle include CCTV cameras, ablution facilities, tanks for fresh and grey water, a kitchenette, air-conditioning, a generator and a fold out satellite dish on the roof.

Mobile Bank

Serco Managing Director Clinton Holcroft says: “The mobile unit built in a relatively short period of three months, considering the complex design work, showcases our ability to design sophisticated vehicles and add custom features, equipment and finishes taking into account the client’s requirements and corporate image.”

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