Cleaning the gunge

Just about anyone in South Africa who has broken a favourtie item has found a use for Pratley Putty – but the adhesives manufacturer does a whole lot more – including its new product, Gunge Spunge, designed to clean up liquid spills in the mining and other industrial sectors.


The main application of Gunge Spunge is the absorption and clean-up of hydrocarbon and other liquid spills in factories, forecourts, garages, workshops and similar areas. This makes the product ideal for users such as spill clean-up companies, service stations, disaster management services, hospitals, abattoirs, DIY enthusiasts, general industry and even ordinary households.

“Traditionally, sawdust and other flammable materials were used to clean up highly-combustible hydrocarbons. This was a disaster waiting to happen, not to mention the fact that they were largely ineffective. The result is that most municipalities now prohibit the use of combustible clean-up materials as stated in their municipal by-laws.

Gunge Spunge offers the ideal alternative in that it is highly effective, non-flammable, eco-friendly, and completely natural,” says Pratley Training Manager Jacques Diener.
Diener is responsible for all internal and external training on the company’s extensive range of electrical, adhesive, and mineral products.


“Apart from oil, the super-absorbent nature of Gunge Spunge allows it to absorb liquids as diverse as wine, blood, sewerage, pet stains, paint, and braai fat,” he adds. “It even has the unique ability to absorb odours associated with those spills.”

Gunge Spunge is processed from a specific mineral that Pratley mines exclusively in KwaZulu Natal. This 100% naturally occurring mineral is eco-friendly and completely non-toxic.

Apart from its desiccating properties, whereby it absorbs moisture in confined areas prone to damp, it also has cationic properties, allowing it to absorb rather than masks odours. The latter means that it even absorbs smells such as ammonia released from decaying organic matter.


Gunge Spunge is supplied in 12 kg bags, although special arrangements can be made for larger quantities.

Extensive testing by Pratley’s world-class research and development team has put Gunge Spunge through its paces in real-life scenarios.

“The best part about Gunge Spunge is demonstrating its capabilities. People are always left amazed, and you can see why. The product can even absorb oil out of water!” Diener concludes.

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