Time to prepare

There is a saying along the lines of “if something can go wrong, it will”. Sadly, this applies to AARTO, being trumpeted by Government as the panacea to our horrific road traffic casualty rate.

It is not and, in all likelihood, its administration will be plagued by inefficiency and corruption.

However, it has potentially disastrous consequences for individuals and companies who are not preparing themselves properly ahead of the proposed launch.

Speed camera

If any company still has their doubts about changing their drivers’ behaviour and preparing before AARTO is implemented, here is an example of how bad driving behaviours can go from bad to catastrophic in one day.

A company driver is driving at 90 km/h in a 60 km/h speed zone and is subsequently caught by a fixed speed camera. On the way back from his meeting, he drove the same speed in the same speed zone and received his second fine for the day.


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says in a few months’ time this will have even more serious consequences than currently.

“Right now, he will receive a hefty fine. Once AARTO is in full effect, each infringement will receive six demerit points. The driver would have earned 12 demerit points in one day. Assuming he had a perfect record before this, one more demerit would result in his license being suspended for three months. Additionally, he can still expect a large fine as well.

“An example like this, illustrates how dangerous it is for both employees and employers to not prepare for AARTO. Within the space of a day, a driver’s livelihood and a productive member of the company’s fleet are both placed at serious risk. Without even considering the safety risks, no business can risk their workforce being incapacitated by the consequences of bad driving behaviour.”

action-asphalt-automobile-automotive- by Taras Makarenko from Pexels

There are still a few months left before AARTO is fully implemented.

“This example should motivate every business to prepare. While no business is eager to take on the extra admin or consider what would happen if their drivers could no longer legally be on the roads, it is a folly not to do so. If you have not already implemented a road safety culture, start encouraging this attitude now. If you have and there are drivers who still receive fines periodically, consider further remedial action.

“MasterDrive acknowledges the importance of being prepared and that this preparation is different for each level in an organisation. Training has been specifically developed for each to explain their roles and highlight how important it is that you take AARTO seriously,” emphasises Herbert.

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