Mahindra launches service app

Mahindra has put its services onto an app as part of a drive to improve customer service through the launch of an after-sales promise across its entire dealer network.

“The new #GreatValueGreatService promise is built on three primary aspects of a customer’s expectations. These are: ease and convenience, the quality of the service or repair process and overall affordability,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.


With the new after-sales statement, Mahindra promises its customers their interaction with Mahindra will always be courteous, polite and as quick and convenient as possible.

At the heart of this promise is the new Mzanzi Mahindra app and dedicated Customer Care line. Through the app, customers can easily book an appointment, locate their nearest dealer, navigate through the Mahindra range of products and accessories and learn about any retail special offerings. Customers can even use the app to notify emergency services, if required.

As part of this promise, Mahindra has also created a new dedicated service contact centre at its head office in Pretoria, where customers can request service assistance. This number is 012-865-0171.


Lastly, customers are assured their vehicle will be delivered back from service on the same day in at least 90% of all cases.

 “Fixing a vehicle right the first time and with the right equipment, parts and lubricants, are the key differentiator between a Mahindra dealership and a non-authorised workshop. That is why the quality of repairs made are such an integral part of our #GreatValueGreatService promise,” says Pratyush Bose, Head of Aftersales at Mahindra South Africa.

By focusing on the quality of repair in its service promise, Mahindra commits to using genuine Mahindra parts and its approved Maximile range of lubricants, while also following up with all customers after their service to find out how they experienced the service and what Mahindra could improve on in future.


Using the Mahindra Mzanzi app, customers will have a seamless link with dealers to enquire about the costs of repairs and vehicle maintenance. The app also allows Mahindra owners to calculate the average cost of their upcoming service.

Linked to this ability is Mahinda’s #GreatValueGreatService commitment the company will keep all repair and maintenance costs competitive and affordable, regardless of whether an owner’s Mahindra still has an active service plan or not.

To celebrate the official launch of the #GreatValueGreatService campaign, Mahindra will launch a nationwide marketing campaign and special deals on vehicle services. Many dealers have created their own special offers as well to add to and further sweeten the Mahindra service campaign offers.

“Our focus on putting our customers first has no doubt helped to make Mahindra the fastest growing brand in 2019. With this fast growth, we are welcoming more and more customers to the family and we want them to have the same positive experience when living with their Mahindra that they had when buying it. With this in mind, we developed our #GreatValueGreatService campaign,” says Gupta.

The new #GreatValueGreatService campaign is the next step in a larger campaign to offer the best possible value and lowest cost of ownership to its customer base. Last year, the KUV100 NXT ranked as the compact SUV with the lowest cost of repairs and services in the authoritative 2019 AA Kinsey Report.


This year, Mahindra introduced free vehicle insurance for most KUV100 NXT models financed through Mahindra Finance and also an improved 4-year / 120 000 km mechanical warranty and 5-year / 90 000 km service plan for its upgraded S11 Scorpio. It is the same service plan that is now on offer with its range of double cab models.

“To ensure the success of our campaign, we are relying on our dealer network. We are heartened by their support, with many dealer groups officially launching the new campaign and more to follow in the coming weeks,” says Gupta.

The Mahindra #GreatValueGreatService promise

  • We will always be polite and courteous in our dealings with you.
  • We will have a neat and clean facility.
  • We will make the appointment process as convenient as possible for you.
  • We will ensure 90% same-day delivery.
  • We will ensure First Time Right attention.
  • We will contact you after the service to receive your feedback.
  • We will be transparent with all our charges.
  • We will ensure that our cost of services will always be competitive within or beyond service plan and warranty.


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