Colin-on-Cars – Mazda shows off new BT-50

It has taken a mere nine years but Mazda has revealed the all-new BT-50 bakkie to the world, the new version set to debut in Australia in the latter quarter of this year.

In reality, an Isuzu D-Max, the new version is being built by Isuzu for Mazda.

Even so, the all-new Mazda BT-50 fuses Mazda’s Kodo-Soul of Motion design language and premium interiors with power, toughness and utilitarian functionality suited to a bakkie.

Mazda’s design language is visible in the front grille, which makes it an undeniable part of the Mazda family – evidenced by the prominent front grille, and the three dimensional signature wing that extends out towards the side. The design of the headlights is distinct and sharp, taking in cues from Mazda’s SUV range.

The low-sitting headlights and a wide design give the front a more muscular look and the chrome parts from the front grille extend right through to the mirror and door handles, forming a an unbroken center line that flows from the front to the rear of the vehicle.

The load-bay has ample room and can handle payloads well over one ton. At the back, the tailgate is the key design point, shaped to flow towards the Mazda badge to create a continuity of movement from front to rear.

The all-new Mazda BT-50 interior cabin space has been carefully crafted to express Mazda’s commitment to human centric design. Everything from dashboard, steering wheel, seats and center console has been redesigned to ensure drivers feel connected to their vehicle and as comfortable as they can be. There is a sense of power and Mazda premium inside the cabin, with a stronger steering wheel and dashboard, and seats that wrap around the body especially when driving off-road.

Mazda developed the Mazda BT-50 with the intention of making travel and the time spent inside the vehicle exceptionally pleasant. The vehicle’s driving performance, functionality and safety meet the active needs of the wide range of situations in which customers may use bakkies.

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