Colin-on-Cars – Toyota starts building new parts warehouse

Behind every good car is a massive support structure and Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) is doubling the size of its parts warehouse to provide just that for all locally manufactured vehicles, wherever they are located.

The Toyota Parts’ Distribution Warehouse in Atlas Road, East Rand, is expanding to double in size from 40 000 m² to 80 000 m². TSAM is investing a total R365-million in the project and, when completed in 2021, the facility will be the largest automotive parts’ warehouse in the Southern Hemisphere.

President and CEO of TSAM Andrew Kirby says: “This investment will also strengthen our position as a Toyota regional manufacturing hub with an ability to fully support any locally manufactured vehicle, regardless of its destination. This will further create an environment in which Toyota and the automotive industry can further expand operations, in turn benefitting our local suppliers and the automotive component industry.”

The expanded parts’ distribution warehouse will allow TSAM to further improve the availability of service and replacement parts on all of its vehicles – including Toyota, Hino and Lexus. It will also support more than 250 dealerships in the Southern Africa region, as well as 70 international destinations where South African built Toyota vehicles are found.

The current warehouse building was officially opened in 2012 and was designed to be environmentally sensitive. It boasts a water collection and irrigation system aimed at reducing the total water consumption at the facility. There is also an underground retention tank with the capacity to hold up to 175 000 litres of rain water, collected from the warehouse roof, and then drained through a bio-filter before it’s used to irrigate the landscaped areas. The new phase, currently under construction, will feature a 2-million-litre tank for the harvesting of rain water.   

The warehouse will absorb all the operations from the company’s first warehouse of 22 000 m2 located in Sandton.

According to TSAM’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Leon Theron: “The sheer size and scale of the warehouse we are building is a clear indication we are committed to the South Africa automotive sector, as well playing regional hub to the rest of the continent. We would like to remain Africa’s most popular vehicle brand and a reliable supply of parts flowing through from our parts’ warehouse is integral to our strategy.”

While progress on the construction site was slightly hampered by lockdown in the months of April and May, both TSAM and developer Investec – who built the original structure – are positive that the facility will be officially opened next year.

“The project has been delayed and will now also be impacted by the December holiday period. The original plan was to complete construction by end of November, but we then lost two months due to lockdown. However, we are pleased that everyone involved in the project is working hard to minimise the impact of the delay,” says Anand Pather, Vice President of Customer Service at TSAM.

The design and layout of the Phase 2 facility has already been updated to promote physical separation and social distancing, accommodate space for temperature screening and ensure adequate ventilation. While the introduction of a second canteen was fortuitous, it will certainly assist with the efforts to encourage social distancing and ensure that no more than 50 people are in either of the canteens at any point in time.

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