Colin-on-Cars – Tow and away

With air travel for leisure purposes likely to constrained for a while yet, South Africans may well turn to visiting home-based sites for their holidays with trailers and caravans gaining a new-found popularity.

Mark Gutridge of BRiNK Towing Systems South Africa, says: “Six months ago if you had asked me what we should be focussing on as a Tier One supplier to the South African motor industry I would have said we simply need to be keeping up with volume demand and quality levels from OEM customers such as Toyota and Ford. But now there is a new, additional focus.”

Mark Gutridge

“We think the travel landscape is going to change and there is going be a resurgence of motorised travel, and a new-found desire to explore our beautiful sub-continent on wheels. We are expecting caravans, camping trailers, campervans and the like to be wheeled out, have the tyres pumped and be put into service.

“However, there is more to it than that and there are legal and practical considerations to consider. Not all driving licenses are created equal and most are only sufficient for a driver to tow a light trailer and not a caravan. There is also maintenance to consider, and like anything, merely standing idle does a trailer or caravan no good at all.”

Gutridge also says, however, that safe towing is hugely dependent on the quality of the tow bar and the integrity of its partnership with the vehicle. This includes not only using approved mounting points (as dictated by the vehicle manufacturer) but also wiring the connection to ensure not only the lights work correctly but also that systems such as stability control and even engine cooling are able to detect the presence of a trailer. Finally, the set-up of the trailer vis-á-vis the towing vehicle is critical – with a ‘nose up’ attitude any trailer can be dangerously unstable.

“The swing to ‘DIY’ holidays suggests a return to more fundamental values: it has put us – hopefully not just temporarily – back in touch with some of our core values. Themes such as family and environmental awareness seem to be closer to front of mind than before lockdown. These values are close to BRiNK as a brand.

“Through our dealer and installation network, we have access to tow bars to more than 95% of the cars on South Africa’s roads, even the less common brands, which are no longer formally represented here.

“Importantly, everything we supply is globally compliant and every BRiNK product  has been designed and engineered in partnership with the vehicle manufacturer, and then produced in a BRiNK factory in Europe. Of course, in the case of vehicles like the Ford Ranger or Toyota Fortuner, it will be a tow bar made to the same exacting standards right here in our own proudly South African plant,” concluded Gutridge.

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