Colin-on-Cars – Sleeker and quieter roof rack design

Damage to a cross bar on a roof rack used to mean the entire unit had to be replaced but, Thule is now making these available as single units for its Wingbar Edge.

The unit has been facelifted and the closed-end design makes it perfect for sportier cars as it sits close to the roof of the car for even better aero efficiency. It is Thule’s most silent roof rack too and feedback from the marketplace suggests it is almost noiseless.

The changes will build on that, but with increased versatility. Now, the wing-shaped cross bar is a completely separate piece, and is secured into the end pieces and then secured to the vehicle’s roof or roof rails with an appropriate mounting kit.

This also means that, instead of being sold as a complete set of hardware, the bars are now sold individually, with the fitment guide on Thule’s website providing information. What’s more, while the previous generation Edge racks only provided a solution for vehicles with raised or integrated railings, the new Thule Edge racks will also cover vehicles with a normal roof.

Says Jamie Owen, Marketing Manager of SA Sport & Cargo, the Thule importer: “The design changes to the Edge will make it a more appealing choice for many customers. It allows the fitment to be fined tuned and will appeal to those who want a custom set-up – for example, double cab owners sometimes want a system with dual racks on the roof of the vehicle, and a third on a canopy. It also means if a single bar is damaged for whatever reason, a single replacement can be purchased.

“While the total load width is reduced slightly with the Edge versus a more conventional ‘overhanging’ system, it does look especially athletic on station wagons, sedans and hatchbacks and even many SUVs. They are also available in both a satin black and aluminium finish, the former providing a stealthy look which should appeal to petrolheads who also need to carry roof-mounted sports gear!”

The link: will provide all the answers as to the various racks, footpacks and mounting kits available from Thule.

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