Colin-on-Cars – Ranger appeals in used market

If you had the feeling there were a few more Ford Rangers on the road than usual, you would not be wrong as it is the top-selling used vehicle according to AutoTrader.

As a percentage, Ranger contributed 4,7% of all used cars sold in South Africa and generated 8,3-million searches from July 2019 to June 2020.

“The top-selling used Ranger derivative is the 2.2TDCi Double Cab Hi-Rider XL that retails for an average selling price of R260 673, with an average mileage is 90 596 km and the average year of registration is 2015. The Ranger is especially popular in Gauteng, with that province representing 55,02% of total Ranger sales while the double cab is the most popular body type, accounting for 68,86% of sales,” says George Mienie, AutoTrader CEO.

“The used car market accounts for approximately two-thirds of all vehicles sold in South Africa, making it an exceptionally important retail segment for customers and dealers alike,” says Eben Swart, Ford Approved manager at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA).

“Although we are often reminded and proud of Ranger’s solid performance in the new vehicle space, seeing it come out at the top in the report shows the confidence consumers have in our product. This is especially reassuring despite Covid-19, when sales are generally deflated compared to previous months. To prove this, very much against the trend, June 2020 reflected 174 more sales through the Ford dealership network on used cars versus June 2019.

“With the recent tweaks and upgrades to Ford Approved there is plenty of reason to believe Ranger will retain its place as the top-selling used vehicle in South Africa. Ford Approved now includes 90 dealers countrywide and provides the peace of mind that the pre-owned vehicle experience is fully backed by Ford Motor Company, with the right finance options all under one roof.

The revamped website ( arrives at just the right time as more customers do their research online. The Ford Approved site incorporates a useful trade-in page, where owners can enter the details of their current vehicle and submit this information to their preferred Ford Approved dealer. The customer will then receive a call from the dealer to discuss the trade-in and purchase of a replacement vehicle.”

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