Colin-on-Cars – New face for Sandero and Stepway

These are the faces of the all-new Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan (not sold in South Africa) due for international launch later this month.

Currently badged as Dacia, the Renault-owned Romanian brand, the same models will gain Renault identification when they are launched locally.

These are the third generation of the models and the three new models offer increased style, equipment and versatility whilst retaining the fundamentals of simplicity and reliability.

With its shoulders and marked wheel arches, the new Sandero exudes a strong personality and an impression of robustness. However, the overall design is more streamlined, thanks to a more sloping windshield, a lower roofline, a flowing roofline and a radio antenna placed at the end of the roof.

Despite unchanged ground clearance, the All-New Sandero feels lower and more grounded, thanks in part to wider tracks and flush-mounted wheels.

With its raised ground clearance, the Sandero Stepway is the versatile crossover in the range. It is immediately recogniable at the front by a specific, ribbed and more domed hood, the chrome Stepway logo under the grille and curved fenders above the fog lights.

Completely redesigned, the silhouette of the Logan is more dynamic and slightly elongated. The flowing roofline, the radio antenna placed at the end of the roof and a slight reduction in side glass surfaces help to boost the overall line. The Y-shaped light signature, flush-fitting wheels and the more qualitative design of certain elements such as the door handles are identical attributes to those of the All-New Sandero.

The front and rear optics inaugurate Dacia’s new Y-shaped light signature. A horizontal line joins the two headlamps at the front and rear and extends into their respective lighting lines, helping to visually broaden the models.

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