Colin-on-Cars – Mahindra offers service plans across the board

Service plans, top up plans and extended warranties are now available on all Mahindra models, including those previously not sold with service plans.

The Mahindra Extended Warranty and Optional Service Plan packages, developed completely in-house by Mahindra South Africa allow owners to purchase a complete service plan or to top up their service plans and add an extended warranty – on all models.

The new vehicle support packages were developed as part of the #GreatValueGreatService customer brand promise.

The #GreatValueGreatService is aligned with the launch of the Mzanzi Mahindra app and dedicated Customer Care line (012-865-0171). Through the app, customers can easily book an appointment, locate their nearest dealer, notify emergency services, navigate through the Mahindra range of products and accessories and learn about any special retail offerings.

“Our research shows our Mahindra bakkie and SUV owners have great trust in their cars. They know they can rely on their Mahindra to transport their family, travel to work or on holiday or support their businesses. With our new plans, they can now extend that trust well beyond the usual length of a warranty or service plan,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

Rajesh says that the Mahindra #GreatValueGreatService promise offers customers a higher level of certainty and that Mahindra is continuously working to enhance the value proposition to its customers, with the extended warranty and service plan the next step in this programme.

“Our new plans not only guarantee customers will not pay extra on services and mechanical repairs covered by the mechanical warranty or service plan, but we guarantee that all services and repairs will be done by trained Mahindra technicians, using Mahindra Genuine Parts and Maximile Oils.”

The new plans have been introduced across all dealers and all product ranges and they offer uncapped coverage on defined parts. It is also competitively priced against other similar services on offer by non-Mahindra service providers.

“Our new service plans and extended warranties are available immediately across our network of dealers. They are available to customers of new and used Mahindra vehicles and will transfer with the sale of a vehicle, adding additional value to both the seller and the buyer.”

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