Colin-on-Cars – Hino tops the rankings

Customer satisfaction is the true measure of whether a company is getting things right in the marketplace and scoring well above the national average is more than just a bonus – and Hino has achieved this in the latest DATATrack survey.

Hino South Africa was not only the overall leader on Combined scores, but also came out top in the Parts and Service categories of the recently published, quarterly comparative truck study covering the third quarter of 2020.

This independent customer satisfaction survey, using interviews with major fleet operators regarding service levels for sales, technical service, and parts, has been conducted since 1989 so is a valuable and highly regarded benchmark for local truck operators.

Hino has topped the combined customer satisfaction scores for seven of the past nine quarters. The Hino brand scored 98.93 in the third quarter of 2020. This score was also an improvement of 0,83 over Hino’s score at the end of the second quarter of 2020 and well above the national average of 94,26 for the 13 truck brands ranked in this survey.

Hino also fared very well in the Technical Service and Parts categories. In Service it scored 99,70, while in Parts Hino scored 99,30. In both cases Hino scored well above the national averages of 93,71 for Service and 94,90 for Parts.

“We are delighted to have fared so well in these trying times as our dealerships had to adhere to stringent operating regulations in accordance with the varying levels of lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Pieter Klerck, General Manager of Hino South Africa.

Pieter Klerck

“We are very proud of the way in which our dealers cooperated with meeting and adhering to the government requirements while still being able to maintain and build on relationships with the customers, most of whom were also having a tough time.

“Our ongoing strong performance in these regular DATATrack surveys is also due, in a large measure, to the continuing practical application of Hino’s global Total Support strategy which focuses on strengthening bonds between Hino Japan, Hino South Africa, our dealer network, suppliers, service providers and our customers.

“We all work towards a common goal, which is ensuring Hino continues to provide the best and most suitable products and services in the truck market.”

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