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South Africa’s road crash statistics are abysmal, and getting worse by the day – exacerbated by the increasing dependence on cell phones and ‘being connected’.

It is estimated 52% of vehicle collisions in South Africa are caused by distracted driving and yet 94% of crashes are preventable. Even with hefty fines and cameras, drivers just can’t help themselves as emails, SMS, WhatsApp and other messages continue to stream in (FOMO).

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Traffic delays, productivity loss (people late for work, missed appointments), vehicle injuries and fatalities cost cities, insurers and taxpayers billions every year as well as unquantifiable pain to the families of victims.

This where Barry Arnold comes in.

“My co-founder and I are both South Africans living in New York. We’re committed to proactively solving the texting and driving epidemic and we have spent four years of R&D building a proactive solution to this massive problem.

“Instead of telling drivers to ‘put it down’ or ‘it can wait’, ping is the only patented voice-based app in the world for iOS, Android and Alexa that automatically reads out WhatsApp, SMS, email and ALL other time-sensitive messagest, so the driver stays focused on the road.

“It is not just a safety tool, drivers save time, petrol and frustration when trip details change. In addition to targeting individual drivers, parents of young drivers and business owners with a fleet of vehicles, we also partner with couriers, roadside assistance companies and insurance carriers directly.”

Check out this 90 sec demo:

ping’s patented voice platform and app eliminates the ‘urge’ for drivers to check their phones by automatically reading texts, emails and all other messages out loud – no more distracting than talk radio or a podcast, ping eliminates both the visual and cognitive distractions.

Image: Pixabay

ping’s Driving Score provides feedback directly to drivers by monitoring their behavior such as touching the phone, speeding and hard braking (optional). Smartphone-based telematics and AI-driven dashboards enable employers, parents and insurance companies to reward safer driving and accurately manage risk.

Data is key, but proactive driver coaching is where the real change happens. By lowering fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and dramatically reducing accidents, the savings are immediate and significant.

For employers and fleets, there are many costs to a crash in beyond vehicle damage: revenue loss, cargo damage, towing expenses, vehicle rental or replacements, accident investigation and legal proceedings, insurance premium increases, medical expenses, disability leave and workers compensation, reputational damage, third party compensation and more.

ping’s Alexa integration is the first and only skill able to read and reply to ANY message type via a smart speaker.

More than one email account can be connected for those who have both private and business addresses and the timing can be set to read just the ‘headlines’ or the whole message.

While road safety organisations are (in the UK) advocating a total ban on cell use even in Bluetooth connected vehicles, ping goes a long way to eliminating the testing while driving scenario.

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