Colin-on-Cars – Fleetboard now standard for Actros

Fleetboard, the Mercedes-Benz telematics solution is now part of the package for the Actros and selected Arocs distribution models.

Fleetboard has been offered on the Actros range since 2009 and is today not only available as a serial standard on the selected Mercedes-Benz Trucks models, it is also available for other vehicle makes as well.

Fleetboard is geared to take RoadEffeciency to the next level through its service offerings to ensure lower total cost, greater safety and maximised use for customers. Available in South Africa for many years, the Fleetboard system has established itself as a leading telematics solution for Mercedes-Benz Truck customers.

Boasting multiple benefits such as performance analysis and reports for vehicles and drivers, mapping and trip records including accurate fuel consumption, service and maintenance management as well as expert training and analysis.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Southern Africa believes this strategic decision will be beneficial to customers within the long-haul and distribution segment. Effective utilisation of the system within these industries means that the truck can go further for longer, contributing to added savings in the long-run.

This is a significant step for the brand that is set to substantially benefit fleet owners and their respective drivers, as they efficiently run their fleet across Southern Africa.

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