Colin-on-Cars – Heavy metal from Croner trucks

The changing shape of our lives because of the Covid pandemic has also altered the way in which business is done and how best to fulfil customer needs.

In the light of this, UD Trucks Southern Africa has added two new variants to its Croner range to meet the increased demand in the urban and regional logistics sector.

“The world has changed significantly during the past year, and so has the way we live our lives and run our businesses,” says Filip van den Heede, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa. “While adhering to government regulations, we also understand there is a need to continue with economic activities, and that is why we are more committed than ever to support the logistics industry in the country.”

Filip van den Heede

The new Croner truck-tractor will be classified as an Extra Heavy Commercial Vehicle, operating in the up to 350 hp lightweight truck-tractor segment.  The new LKE 15-tonne freight carrier will operate in the 8-tonne payload segment in the HCV segment.

Rory Schulz, UD Trucks Southern Africa’s marketing and sales director, said the company is expanding its Croner range to improve their offering in urban and inter-city distribution.

Rory Schulz

“In the very competitive 8-to-9-tonne payload segment, we saw the need arise for a fuel efficient, high payload unit with good drivability at good value for money. With the new model introductions, we are improving payload, fuel efficiency and adding more driver comfort, as well as extending service intervals,” says Schulz. “With UD Trucks Telematics Services as standard and a regionwide dealer network, fleet owners are supported no matter where they operate.”

The Croner LKE 210 freight carrier boasts a GH5, 5,0-litre engine and an Allison 2500 series automatic transmission.

With 850 Nm of torque along with a good transmission ratio ensure the truck can quickly get to the 60 km/h mark in city, or to the 80 km/h where the law allows. The LKE 210 has a low tare mass and optimised wheelbase of 5 500 mm for both volume and mass payloads.

“The Allison automatic transmissions ease the job at hand for drivers who spend the day in the urban environment, facing long hours of traffic with multiple stops and cargo drops,” says Schulz. “The new generation torque converter with early lock-up also ensures a smooth and easy drive so driver fatigue is reduced, which means the driver can concentrate on situational driving.  Additionally, the enhanced power shifts lead to more efficient fuel consumption, comfort, manoeuvrability and performance.”

The Croner 4×2 PKE 280 truck-tractor has a GH8, 8,0-litre engine and an Allison 3000 automatic transmission series, with similar emphasis on urban and city-to-city distribution, as well as focus on inter-regional haul.  

In 2020, UD Trucks also introduced a Croner 6×2 PDE280 freight carrier, which brings the total of variants in this range to 16 models. 

“The work a vehicle does, and the resources required to do it, are essential to the success of any fleet,” added Schulz. “Productivity to us means how much payload you can carry, at the highest possible legal speed, with as little fuel as possible. And the Croner certainly delivers on all these factors in a smart and modern way, day in and day out.”

UD Trucks’ Croner range is assembled at its plant in Rosslyn, Gauteng, according to the company’s global quality standards.

Globally, UD Trucks launched its new ‘Better Life”’strategy that challenges the way it cares for people and the planet, by bringing sustainable transport solutions in line with the current transformation of the logistics industry.

“We believe this strategy will lead to a better life for all within the spheres we operate in,” explained Van den Heede. “As a challenger and innovator, we are continuously challenging the status quo, and know that our products, service and people can have a positive impact on the world around us.”

With the launch of the new Quon in 2019 with Euro 5 emission standards, the company entrenched this vision into practice. Since this launch, UD Trucks has secured the availability of Ad Blue, which helps reduce nitrous oxide emissions, for Quon customers across South Africa. Poof in point of the company’s Better Life strategy in practice.

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