Colin-on-Cars – No ‘hyp’ from Fuso Trucks

Designed specifically to be able to fit a 6-cubic metre concrete mixer and remain within allowable axle load limits, the new Fuso FJ26-280C HYP joins the FJ range as the second variant of the FJ26-280C initially launched in 2017.

Ziyad Gaba, Head of Fuso Trucks Southern Africa says: “We are immensely excited to be adding another new model to the Fuso brand, built on proven reliability and durability of the Fuso FJ range. We pride ourselves in constantly improving our existing product offering through monitoring customer requirements and market trends. With the FJ-26-280C HYP we are offering our customers a more versatile and fuel efficient solution”.

FJ26-280C HYP is offered with a 6,4-litre direct-injection engine, producing 205 kW of power at 2 200 r/min, with the torque levelling out at 1 100 Nm between 1 200 r/min to 1 500 r/min.

The 6S20 Daimler engine delivers higher torque over a wide range of engine speeds and is paired with the G131 nine-speed manual transmission with crawler gear. The flat torque curve of the engine reduces the need for frequent gear shifting.

This vehicle has oil lubricated fuel injection pumps which inject the precise quantity of required fuel at high pressure, resulting in improved combustion of fuel and the engine features an e-viscous electric fan and its intermittent operation improves fuel economy by disengaging the fan when the engine is operating below a preset temperature.

It will also be available with both the engine PTO (Power Take Off) and a transmission PTO, allowing the customer the flexibility to either fit a mixer or tipper body when taking delivery of the vehicle, in the event of a body change during the life cycle of the vehicle, this will still be possible.

The model features an aerodynamic Fuso FJ cab, which reduces tractive resistance and increases fuel efficiency. The aesthetically appealing vehicle has a wider cabin tilt angle and hydraulic system, easy to lift and widely opens allowing easy access to the engine bay. 

Added on the vehicle as well is a three-piece bumper contributing to safety and low maintenance costs. The improved aesthetics on the bumper give the vehicle a good fit and finishing.

The cabin is spacious allowing for a driver and two co-drivers. It is exceptionally accommodating and driver-friendly, designed to maximise driver comfort and convenience and resulting in reduced driver fatigue and increased driver productivity.

It has a wide steering wheel with tilt and telescopic column and the sound system comes standard with USB port along with cruise control and seat-belt monitoring.

“Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic in the construction industry, we remain optimistic the industry will start building its way back to positive growth in 2021 and onwards. Our aim is to continue to provide simply better trucks, and with this model we truly believe that we will cater directly to the needs of customers in this segment,” says Gaba.

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