Colin-on-Cars – Teasing glimpse of new Kia Sportage

Design language is becoming an increasingly important buzzword for automakers re-imagining new iterations of existing models and Kia has revealed ‘teaser’ images of the fifth generation Sportage created in its new design language ‘Opposites United’.

Due to be revealed in July in Korea, the new Sportage has been crafted to establish new benchmarks in its segment – for its advanced exterior and interior design, connectivity tech and responsive, yet highly efficient, powertrains. 

According to Kia, the new Sportage has a muscular stance and a strong yet refined silhouette. Notable new details include the crisp, taught character lines that ripple across the surfaces. The front creates an instant and thought-provoking statement, with a detail-orientated black grille graphic spanning the width of the face. At the rear, muscular shoulder lines drop gently to meet slim daytime-running lamps, which flank the new Kia logo and Sportage emblem.

The interior design sketch reveals a driver-orientated space that plays with boldness in character, softness in qualities and innovation in technology. At the core is a beautifully sculpted integrated curved display.

“Taking inspiration from an ethos we created where nature meets modernity, the new Sportage challenges design norms with an adventurous yet contemporary exterior and a beautifully detailed and pioneering interior,” says Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Design Center. “With new Sportage, we didn’t simply want to take one step forward, but rather move to a completely different level within the SUV class.”

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