Colin-on-Cars – Fleet solution to be AARTO compliant

With the implementation of the AARTO Amendment Act now imminent, business operations needing to transport workers have little time in which to act – transporting those workers on the back of a bakkie has been illegal for some time, but will be vigorously policed under AARTO.

A solution to this problem is JAC Motors’ X200 2,8-litre turbo-diesel workhorse in a double-cab configuration that can accommodate six people inside the cab and still offer a 1,3-tonne payload with a large load area. The X200 is the only forward-cab workhorse in the local market that offers a double-cab derivative in this segment of the market.

The four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine mounted under the front seats produces 80 kW at 3 600 r/min and 240 Nm of torque between 1 800 r/min and 2 000 r/min.

“The X200 double-cab allows you to safely and legally transport workers and goods with the same 1,3-tonne payload the single-cab workhorse competitors are offering,” says Karl-Heinz Göbel, CEO of JAC Motors South Africa. “Our product also features a powerful 2,8-litre turbo-diesel engine, anti-lock braking, a factory-fitted air-conditioner and, for just over R300 000, it retails for less than the competitors’ single-cab workhorses.”

A forward-cab design is more practical than a standard bakkie and its main benefit is the increased load box size with a much larger load volume, making these rugged workhorses ideal for business and industrial use.

The X200 offers an elevated driving position allowing the driver to see and judge traffic better on the open roads, and it further improves visibility when parking at loading bays. A forward-cab design also incorporates other advantages that drivers and fleet owners appreciate, such as the easy entrance and exit for drivers and crew in many load stop-and-drop situations.

Front- and rear crumple zones, side-impact protection bars, height-adjustable headlamps and an immobiliser further add to occupants’ safety. Remote-controlled central locking with motion-lock at 40 km/h and an engine that cannot ignite when the clutch is not engaged further contribute to the safety credentials of the X200. 

Although the X200 was developed for the harshest working conditions, it features standard equipment such as a height-adjustable steering wheel, power windows, a Radio/CD/MP3 player with Bluetooth, and speakers fitted in the front doors. It also offers ample stowing space located in various places inside the cab.

The X200’s double-wishbone independent front suspension and ladder-frame chassis design allow for excellent manoeuvrability and solid handling regardless of its load size. In addition, the maximum use of axle capacities for ideal payload weight distribution also contributes to optimal handling in heavy urban traffic and on open roads.

“Our affordable X200 double-cab, which is unique in its market segment, is the best urban logistics solution for transport operators. Its powerful and reliable engine, balanced transmission, excellent payload, low running cost, and people carrying ability make it an asset in every transport operator’s stable,” says Göbel.

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