Colin-on-Cars – Your can ‘speak’ Zulu

Digital navigation is one of today’s driving norms and while we might still chuckle at the voice guidance struggling with our mixture of languages, the route directions are predominantly in English.

Nissan South Africa has launched a service combined with its Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) technology that allows local drivers to use Zulu and local slang vocal commands compatible with Waze.

Nissan, alongside TBWA Hunt Lascaris has Shwii by Nissan and Stefan Haasbroek, marketing director at Nissan South Africa says: “Shwii by Nissan is made with South Africans in mind. We are driving the local conversation on inclusivity, combined with smart technology by putting our local languages on the map.”

“When you speak to someone in their home language, they can understand and respond in time by reacting accordingly to any obstacle or potential danger around them and that was one of the reasons behind this campaign, to put our local languages on the map,” says Nokwe Ndwandwe, brand manager at Nissan South Africa.

The campaign taps into the gap within voice navigation technology and the importance of language, which shapes our culture. While dozens of languages are available on apps such as Waze, Zulu – spoken by roughly 16-million people mostly in South Africa – was missing.

With isiZulu and local slang as the brand new set of vocals, Nissan is fostering an environment of inclusivity – both inside and outside the car.

More local South African languages will be coming soon on the Waze platform courtesy of Shwii by Nissan.

Find out more about Shwii by Nissan here:

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