Colin-on-Cars – Racing to support the cheetah

The sleek cheetah is the fastest land animal but, sadly, is a dwindling species in danger of being wiped out by the ever-growing human need for land – however, motor sport is pitching in to help.

On the last weekend of October, South African racers will take to the track in their own 24 Hours of I’Lamuna race, an endurance race with a twist and competing cars may not be worth more than R50 000.

Clare Vale Racing will be competing in Lily the Golf, named after Lily the Cheetah, a resident at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre near Hartebeespoort Dam. Clare’s team has had a long relationship with the Cheetah Centre and have held an annual karting day each year since 2009 to help raise funds for the Centre.

Clare Vale (Image: Run Ride Drive)

“Our Annual Cheetah Karting days have been very successful,” says Clare. “Since 2009, we have raised more than R500 000 for the Cheetah Centre. However, since Covid, we have been unable to host a karting day due to the limitations on gatherings. Like most NGOs, the Centre has been struggling to make ends meet and we had to think of something new in order to assist them.”

Lily the Golf is the prize in a competition aimed at raising funds for the Cheetah Centre. After the 24 Hours of I’Lamuna race at Red Star Raceway on October 30, Lily will be refurbished in either race trim or road trim before being handed to the lucky winner.

Tickets are available on the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre website, and cost R100 each. There is no limit as to how many tickets entrants may buy and all the proceeds of the competition go directly to the Centre.

“We are hoping to raise a substantial amount for the Cheetah Centre,” says Clare. “Thanks to Phoenix Events, the promoter of the 24 Hours of I’Lamuna race, Lily will go to her new owner with a free entry to the 2022 event, or alternatively will happily spend the rest of her life as a reliable road car with a very unique history!”

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