Colin-on-Cars – Taking care of the older ones

Covid, lockdowns and the cumulative effects of a declining economy are conspiring to make many business owners and fleet controllers to take the decision to extend the operating life of their vehicles – and this spills over into the private sector as well.

Mahindra has introduced a value-focused solution for owners with older commercial vehicles, called called Value Fit that comprises of a comprehensive range of service parts that meet all the standards set by the global Mahindra group for its vehicles but are made available at a more affordable price.

The Value Fit parts are available under the slogan of Quality Assured Value Parts’ and will give owners of older Mahindra vehicles the same peace of mind as that given to owners of Mahindra models still under service plan.

“Value Fit is our response to the growing parc of older Mahindra vehicles that are already out of their warranty and service plan period,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

“With the range of Value Fit parts, the owners of these older vehicles can continue to service their Mahindras at their local dealership, thus keeping them in the best possible condition without stretching their budgets.”

Value Fit will be made available initially to owners of Scorpio, Bolero and Pik Up models. Usage studies show these models are used extensively for both business and leisure purposes, clocking up high mileages and staying with their owners for many years after the expiration of the warranty and, where applicable, the service plan.

The parts will be made available to dealers through the same national distribution network currently used for service and repair parts. It means that both dealers and customers will benefit from the same rapid turnaround times that Mahindra has become known for.

“Earlier this year, we opened our new state-of-the-art warehouse in Linbro Park. The new facility is not only much larger than any warehouse that preceded it, but its 24-hour shift schedule and all-electronic management system allow us to receive and ship orders in record time,” says Rajesh.

“For Mahindra, cost of ownership is much more than the showroom price. It is influenced by the vehicle’s durability, the cost of services and service parts, and the trade-in price of the vehicle at the end of the ownership cycle. This is, of course, also influenced by brand reputation and the service levels of Mahindra dealerships. We are working hard to offer the best value and service to our customers along every step of that process.”

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