Colin-on-Cars – Pressure eased

Car buyers on the waiting list for a Suzuki Jimny can take heart as the first consignment of models has arrived from the Gurgaon Plant in India along with the announcement GL manual and automatic models will join the range early next year.

The Gurgaon Plant plant recently started assembling the Jimny from 100% Japanese-sourced parts and components for delivery to markets in the Southern Hemisphere and the Caribbean.

The heavily automated Gurgaon Plant is the third-largest manufacturing facility in Suzuki’s global network, accounting for more than 700 000 of the Japanese brand’s 2,25-million production capacity in India.

“When Japan announced it will assemble the Jimny at its massive Gurgaon plant, we, our dealers and our customers sighed a collective sigh of relief.

“The Jimny has become extremely popular among both urban adventurers and overland enthusiasts, and demand has always outstripped supply. While we may not be able to satisfy demand in full every month, the new source will allow us to deliver units quicker and with greater flexibility,” says Brendon Carpenter, Brand Marketing Manager at Suzuki Auto South Africa.

The new GL models share the same drivetrain as the GA and GLX models, including the ladder frame chassis and transfer case with low range 4×4 abilities, but adds a number of luxuries over the GA model.

These luxuries include:

  • Power windows
  • Electrically operated mirrors
  • Alloy wheels
  • Steering wheel audio controls
  • Bluetooth connected audio system
  • Remote central locking
  • A comprehensive 4-year / 60 000 km service plan.

Following closely behind the first consignment of Indian-built Suzuki models will be a special Jimny Rhino Edition Kit.

The kit will be available on all grades of the Jimny when launched in the first quarter of 2022 and it resurrects the well-known Jimny Rhino logomark.

The Rhino logomark first appeared on the Suzuki SJ-series (the second-generation Jimny) exactly 40 years ago.

The Rhino was penned by a young designer, Osamu Namba, in 1981. Namba wanted to capture ‘the rugged strength, robust appearance, charging momentum, solidity and dynamic power’ of the Jimny.

He sketched the ‘Jimny Rhino’ in three dimensions by making the hind legs shorter than those in front and by drawing armour. It points to the left, to emphasise the contrarian spirit of the Jimny that has kept its compact dimensions and off-road drivetrain, while many other off roaders became bloated and soft.

“We will celebrate the 40th birthday of our beloved Jimny Rhino with a special Jimny Rhino Edition Kit, which will be available on all grades from early 2022,” says Carpenter.

The Rhino Edition adds the following design elements to a Jimny:

  • Exclusive Rhino decals
  • A Rhino-branded soft spare wheel cover
  • The Suzuki Heritage grille
  • Red Suzuki mud flaps
  • Rain and wind deflectors

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