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As the world races towards electric vehicles, there is small corner of England that remains unphased by all the hubbub and The Morgan Motor Company has just released sketches of the design direction planned for an all-new three-wheel model.

Design sketches for new Morgan released

To be powered by a three-cylinder Ford petrol engine, the new car – destined for launch next year – has a bold and eccentric design in keeping with the historic traditions of Morgan and takes inspiration from mid-century jet planes, motorcycles, historic Morgan models and modern industrial product design — images of which adorn the walls of Morgan’s design and engineering offices.


No single sketch in isolation reveals the exact look of the new model, yet in culmination, they demonstrate some of the key design features that will be revealed in full when the new three-wheeled model is launched.

Sketches show a technical front end trailed by a fluid form, the vehicle ‘visually towed’ by its leading front wheels. The visual mass resides behind the centre line of the front wheels and never on top of them, a theme that has remained prevalent from the earliest sketches. Further design tenets include the celebration of mechanical honestly and the communication of function through design, hallmarks of previous Morgan three-wheelers.


Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Motor Company, says: “Morgan was founded on the production of three-wheeled cars, and when the 3 Wheeler was re-introduced in 2011 it became a firm pillar of the company’s product range.

“We recognise the importance of evolving this bloodline and continuing to provide our growing community of enthusiasts with new, exciting, and unforgettable motoring experiences. Creating the all-new three-wheeled model has been a ground-up project, throughout which safety, durability, and character have been at the forefront of our focus.

“It has been an absolute joy seeing the new vehicle take shape, and we cannot wait to present it to the world next year, continuing the legacy of the model.”

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