Colin-on-Cars – New Morgan three-wheeler hits the road

The Morgan Super 3, powered by a Ford 1,5-litre three-cylinder engine and driven through a Mazda gearbox, has been launched, introducing a new design philosophy for the Malvern, Worcestershire company.

As the company’s most configurable model to date, Super 3 offers an extensive list of options and accessories that allow owners to tailor their own experience. From adventure touring accessories to race-inspired liveries, Super 3 adopts multiple personalities to reflect the individuality of its owner.


In comparison with the outgoing 3 Wheeler, which was created in the style of the 1920s V-twin-engined three-wheelers, Super 3’s designers and engineers have drawn influences from the mid to late century. The jet age was an era in which there was a logical relationship between function and form, as the horizons of imagination were broadened.

Aerodynamic and mechanical requirements have heavily influenced the form and proportions of Super 3. This is most notable in the cast aluminium structures that provide the face of the vehicle, brace the engine and control the corner packages, while also directing air into the side-mounted cooling packs.

Super 3 has a mechanically intricate front end and exhibits linear geometry, which is intentionally contrasted against the trailing aerodynamic passenger compartment.

Super 3’s face portrays two familiar headlights and a horseshoe front grille, both recognisable elements of Morgan design.


The engine resides beneath the nose cone, which is positioned deliberately to deliver both optimal weight distribution and desirable proportion. Beneath the cowl, the engine is visible through a mesh with its moving mechanical components clear to see.

All of the elements of Super 3’s wishbones, pull-rod suspension and headlight structure have been shaped to assist airflow to the radiators behind them, and the mechanical complexity is reminiscent of that of early-century three-wheeled Morgans. The headlight stalks themselves are structural, acting as an additional brace between the upper and lower wishbone pick-up points, while continuing to reflect the vehicle’s trihedral theme.

The interior of Super 3 has been designed for resilience and is completely dust-tight and protected against water splashing from any direction, even down to the integrated USB sockets.

A choice of seat materials includes vinyl, water-resistant leather, saddle leather with enhanced durability and a technical fabric that combines a high level of water resistance, UV resistance and ease of maintenance and which offers an appealing alternative to leather.

Available for the first time is a footwell heater, making Super 3 even more suitable for adventure, while comfort is further enhanced by a reach- and rake-adjustable steering wheel and a quick-release adjustable pedal box.


Jonathan Wells, Head of Design, Morgan Motor Company, says: “Morgan 3 Wheeler owners are individual, relish doing things in their own way, and actively seek adventure. With Super 3, we aimed to exaggerate these qualities through design. 

“Super 3 stands out as something different. It looks towards our past, is relevant in the present, and reinstates a firm vision of Morgan’s design future. 

“Super 3 gives you a deep mechanical connection to the car and your surroundings. It takes the idea of adventure and escapism beyond just a romantic notion, whilst presenting a blank canvas for self-expression.

“Life is rarely more complicated after a drive in a Super 3.”

Morgan has worked in partnership with Avon to develop its own 20-inch diameter tyre for Super 3. Reviving the iconic Speedmaster name, the tyre is based on the look of a heritage motorcycle tyre with ‘ballooned’ sidewalls but has been engineered specifically for Morgan and is closer to a car tyre in its design.

The rear tyre on a three-wheeler plays a crucial role in the handling and dynamic capabilities. After significant real-world testing and simulation, an Avon all-season tyre was selected to provide optimum slip angle.


Chris Arthur, Chief Engineer, Morgan Motor Company, added: “The Morgan Super 3 represents a new level of engineering integrity for Morgan. Superform techniques have allowed us to achieve something that is typically out of reach for niche manufacturers. The monocoque platform is light, stiff, strong and resilient and looks good. Throughout the vehicle, the quality of finish is comparable to that of much larger manufacturers, and we feel we have engineered a car that delivers a lot more value to Morgan customers.

“Super 3 remains true to Morgan’s roots because it’s a non-standard construction and every element has purpose. We have employed techniques that are appropriate and improve the quality for the customer. It is a modern take on utilising your own production methods to remain unique.”

Technical specification
Engine: Ford 1,5-litre, inline three-cylinder
Gearbox: Five-speed manual
Maximum power: 87 kW at 6 500 r/min
Maximum torque: 150 Nm at 4 500 r/min
Acceleration: 0-100kph – 7 seconds (pending final certification)
Top speed: 209 km/h
Fuel economy (combined): 5,8 l/100 km (pending final certification)
CO2 emissions: 130 g/km
Dry weight: 635 kg
Length: 3 581 mm
Width: 1 850 mm
Height: 1 132 mm 

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