Colin-on-Cars – Isuzu launches new maintenance deal for trucks

Whole life operating cost translated into cents per kilometre is the core focus of fleet owners and transport operators, particularly in the trucking industry and, while service or maintenance contracts have been around for years, Isuzu Motors SA has added an innovation.

This is the Isuzu Mobility Cents Per Kilometre (CPK) maintenance contract. What is different about a CPK contract? It is based on the actual kilometres travelled and can be applied to all new Isuzu trucks with less than 9 000 km on the odometer while under 12 months old at point of sale.

The CPK plan is for companies only and is paid monthly, billed according to the kilometers travelled.


VAT is a critical component of truck financing. The VAT refund can be applied to the CPK contract to make this Isuzu service product even more cost effective.

The CPK plan allows the company to match its revenue generated by a particular vehicle to the actual expense incurred in a particular month – it also follows seasonal trends such as limited distances covered during low season. In addition, should a vehicle be off the road for crash repairs there will be no maintenance charges in the absence of kilometers covered. There is no minimum billing per month.

Businesses can maximize their cashflow paying monthly only for the kilometers driven and not just distance predicted. This allows businesses to record and manage income and expenses accurately for a particular period.


Tracking fleet utilisation is a key discipline of fleet management. The CPK plan introduces accurate, real-time measurement how the truck fleet is being utilised, and then again down to the level of individual vehicles on specific routes.

Telematics are adjunct to effective and modern fleet maintenance. Isuzu satisfies modern fleet management expectations with the most up to date telematics system. Telematics offers real-time fleet management. Telematics is also leading evidence in any court action following a road incident and thus protects a driver against spurious claims.


The entire Isuzu range benefits from a telematics-ready truck and stolen vehicle recovery hardware installed at factory. This includes a panic button and driver ID tag reader already installed. Compatible with the MixTelematics fleet management system, it is also compatible with existing 3rd party fleet management systems at a small additional cost. The stolen vehicle recovery service ready – BEAME – has been installed for some years now.

The CPK Plan is a maintenance and service plan and warranty all together with the standard exclusions that are excluded in the market for these types of products, such as tyres, top-up oils, sound equipment (radios), truck bodies and anything damaged, missing or broken.

Senior Vice President Revenue Generation Southern African Customs Union, Craig Uren of Isuzu Motors South Africa, says: “Isuzu Mobility CPK Maintenance Plan is a true component of Isuzu as a lifecycle brand. Isuzu’s truck brand leadership in Southern Africa for the past 10 years is based on service – we are a service organization that also sells new Isuzu trucks.” 

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