Colin-on-Cars – Lower truck mass equals greater loads

Lower truck mass means greater loadability and this is key for fleet operators considering the fluctuating fuel prices and other cost pressures – not the least of which is the increasing interest rate.

Fuel expenditure, which makes up 80% of total operating costs and approximately 60% of the total cost of ownership, depending on the application, can be alleviated with the ability to carry more payload to maximise the productivity and efficiency of a fleet.

The UD Trucks Quon extra heavy truck range solves this problem by a reduction of weight in the physical truck that allows operators to carry more payload. Fewer trips mean less fuel is used.

“The Quon is a highly productive range of vehicles optimised for the business needs of today and tomorrow,” explains Reytjie Laubscher, Managing Director of UD Trucks Lichtenburg. “These days the key to efficient transport is increased payload. Not only will a lowered tare weight increase payload, but also the productivity and profitability of your operations.”

Reytjie Laubscher

Every component on the Quon has been refined to realise an overall lighter vehicle, while achieving gains in load-carrying capacity of up to 200 kg, depending on the model.

The Quon GW26 460 – TT HR, for instance, has a low tare weight of 8 418 kg. This is achieved by using disc brakes and high-tensile steel rails for the main frame to reduce vehicle weight. In addition, the reduced height of the main frame cross section further reduces weight while maintaining strength, to further improve the Quon’s loading performance.

Laubscher explains this, for instance, means with a reduced tare weight, an operator can now typically transport a 36,5-ton load of cargo legally using an interlink with a twin bin side tipper trailer. (Afrit specification used for this example)

“There is an increase in payload of about 700 kg on average on the new generation Quon High Roof Truck Tractor compared to any other competitor in the market. This is the ideal set-up for fleet owners that specialise, for instance, in the coal transport industry,” says Laubscher.

Improved ease of loading, bodybuilding efficiency and smoothness at creeping speeds for approaching loading docks, also reflect UD Trucks’ commitment to boosting productivity for fleet owners.


Quon’s air suspension features an increased adjustment range. This enables optimal height adjustment for loading docks and connecting the trailers, with an adjustable width of +140 mm upward from the neutral position. The uneven load adjustment function automatically adjusts any lateral differences in height on trucks, which improves handling when loading from the side of the truck.

The new Quon range boasts a fuel-efficient, powerful and clean 11-litre GH11 engine. 

It generates powerful torque from low revs up through a wide rev range,  and, to further support fuel-efficient driving, the Quon also features UD Trucks’ Nenpi Fuel Coach – a system that displays real-time driving advice to help drivers achieve further improvement in the vehicle’s fuel economy. 

“Our customers’ definition of the essentials needed in a truck, has changed.  Our focus, therefore, is to give customers reduced operating costs as related to things like fuel efficiency, payload ability and uptime.  Secondly, we are concentrating on the people factor within the transport business, making our trucks even safer and environmentally friendly,” says Laubscher.

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