Colin-on-Cars – More comfort for commuters

Tens of thousands of South Africans rely heavily on taxi services to commute to and from work, these often overcrowded and uncomfortable mini-bus vehicles make the journey quite a chore.

Designed specifically for the South African traveller and landscape, the Mercedes-Benz Inkanyezi offers the ideal balance between functionality and comfort. With a seating capacity of up to 22 passengers plus a driver, the Inkanyezi offers the South African taxi industry maximum efficiency and economy whilst ensuring top-notch safety and comfort.

Speaking of the updated model, Marinus Venter, the Head of Product & Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Vans SA, says: “At Mercedes-Benz Vans, we are committed to continuously seeking new ways to embrace our customers, to provide them with the most desirable vans and services.

“With the latest version of the Sprinter Inkanyezi, I am pleased to say that we have achieved this commitment. By keeping our customers at the forefront of every decision along the way, we have managed to keep all the best-loved features of the original Inkanyezi whilst creating exciting enhancements to further delight our customers.”

At the core of the new Inkanyezi is an updated, all-aluminium OM 654 Engine, which offers a significantly more compact engine design than the previous unit. Additionally, the new design includes an innovative placement of all exhaust-gas-cleaning technologies close to the engine, resulting in low heat losses and favourable working conditions.

Further enhancements to the Inkanyezi include more comfortable seat finishes. The material finish looks both stylish and offers a soft-to-the-touch texture, which is more pleasant for travelling. To match the seats, the Inkanyezi’s interior has also been redesigned with a dark finish, complete with jet-black window frames, to instantly create a luxurious atmosphere.

New technological additions include a Bluetooth radio and speaker system, which has been included as a standard equipment feature in the new Inkanyezi. The vehicle also comes with USB Ports in each row, which are conveniently located for passengers to easily charge their electronic devices.

Other standard equipment additions include lightweight parcel shelves on both sides of the van, for passengers to stow their belongings. A remodelled lap belt design ensures that maximum safety is matched with maximum comfort when travelling.

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