Colin-on-Cars – Motus making moves

South Africa’s largest retail motor group, Motus, is revving up its activities for 2021 with a number of business strategies, including the launch of the Motus Select pre-owned brand.

JSE-listed Motus, was unbundled from Imperial Holdings two years ago.

Corné Venter, the CEO of the Motus Retail and Rental Division, says the launch of the highly interactive Motus portal at the end of last year was a major step forward, as it links into a number of upcoming new business developments for the Motus brand.

“The most recent development, to kick off our start to 2021 is the launch of Motus Select, which replaces the long-standing Imperial Select as an ideal and trusted place to buy a pre-owned vehicle,” he says.

Motus Select will be the brand used in the Motus Retail division as either a 1st or 2nd tier used car brand for the business. Traditionally Motus Select was the used car brand for only the Motus Hyundai, Kia and Renault multi-franchise dealers.

“Going forward this brand will spread much wider. Several of the new car brands we represent do not have a 1st tier used car brand (eg Isuzu to name but one). Furthermore, often opportunity exists within franchised dealerships for a 2nd tier used car brand, and Motus Select will in the future fulfil such a role.”

“Motus Select has a dedicated website at and these dealers will also buy used vehicles provided they are from 2015 or later and have less than 120 000 km on the odometer, as well as a full-service history.

“The fact that we have been hit with a global pandemic that is changing the way we do business as we were rolling out the Motus brand has meant that we have been able to benefit from the latest developments in doing business online when building the Motus Select portal, so that it is quick and easy to use,” added Venter.

All vehicles sold through the Motus Select pre-owned network are owned by Motus dealerships, so customers have the peace of mind of knowing that they are dealing with a reputable, countrywide organisation that has qualified staff and the backing of the largest automotive retail network in South Africa.

There are already more than 20 dealerships in the Motus Select network and this number will grow in the future. These dealers have access to more than 1 500 pre-owned vehicles, making it easy for buyers to find the right make and model to meet their requirements.

The sales teams at the Motus Select dealerships not only offer vehicles that have been subjected to comprehensive safety and operational checks, but will ensure that vehicles are delivered with all registration and compliance checks in place. The Motus Select used vehicle quality control process eliminates the possibility of any stolen or rebuilt vehicles being offered for sale through this network.

Buyers can search the Motus Select website for the vehicle they are looking for in terms of make, model and price and can also start the finance process online or structure their own deal to suit their budget using the Motus Select portal.

Owners of Kia, Renault, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai vehicles can book routine services for their vehicles on the Motus Select website as an added convenience.

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