Colin-on-Cars – New 560 kW Roush Mustang confirmed for SA

With 560 kW and 910 Nm on offer the 2021 Roush Mustang raises the bar in terms of performance as well as commemorating the 25th anniversary of Roush Performance Products, with the first Roush Mustang making its debut in 1996.

Jack Roush began his automotive career as an engine development engineer for Ford Motor Company in 1964 before going on to establish Performance Engineering in 1976. Relying on his passion for motor sport, and particularly drag and oval racing, Roush began selling designs and components that met higher engineering standards. The 2021 Roush Mustang is inspired by these historic moments to deliver an authentic Roush experience to the growing number of enthusiasts around the world.

With over 560kW, this Roush Mustang comes with upgrades that enhance the car’s character for road and track use. The 2021 Roush Mustang will be available in South Africa through Performance Centre in Pretoria later this year.

“The 2021 Roush Mustang exceeds every expectation of a high-performance muscle car and leverages a mix of motorsport heritage that adds a new dimension to this iconic vehicle,” says Andrew Mtsweni, Marketing Manager at Performance Centre. Being able to offer customers this latest Roush conversion in South Africa as part of the Mustang’s global presence is always an opportunity that our passionate team relishes.”

Each Roush Stage 3 starts life as a Mustang GT equipped with a Generation 3 Coyote V8 engine. The engine’s performance is significantly upgraded by the Roush TVS2650 supercharger, which lifts the power to 560 kW and 910 Nm.

A number of other Roush components – such as two auxiliary coolers mounted beneath the vehicle behind the driver and passenger, differential cooler and automatic transmission cooler, are designed to keep under-body temperatures stable.

The output can be raised a step higher to 578 kW, which makes it the most powerful Stage 3 Roush Mustang alongside its predecessor, the Jack Roush Edition launched in 2020. Necessary upgrades in this version comprise a new air filter, upgraded supercharger belt, additional tuning of the direct injection and optimised calibration of the engine’s ECU to support the higher performance demands.

Further improvements throughout the Roush Mustang give it a wide dynamic range: Ultra high-performance Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tyres on the front and rear are fitted to sporty looking 20×9,5-inch Jet Black wheels or alternatively with Agate Gray forged wheels. Tauter body control and reduced body lean during cornering and braking is provided by the Roush-calibrated MagneRide suspension.

MagneRide is an adaptive suspension with a magnetorheological damper system. It uses magnetically controlled dampers for highly adaptive ride comfort and delivers unparalleled performance on the road and on the track.

The bespoke kit includes heat extracting hood vents, fender vents, high flow upper and lower grilles, functional aero corner pockets, rear aerofoils and a blacked-out rear decklid panel that sits above the quad black-tip performance exhaust. Aerodynamic functionality has been incorporated with the Roush chin spoiler which separates airflow above and beneath the Mustang, working to reduce overall aero drag.

Performance Centre is also offering the full set of Roush-inspired interior updates and custom gauge cluster overlays, illuminated door sills and Roush toolkit are just some of these, along with sports-leather seats featuring the Roush logo, Roush-embossed floor mats and Roush key fobs.

While the list of upgrades is comprehensive, Performance Centre is offering the Podium Package as an option for those customers seeking to even-further differentiate themselves from the crowd. This includes a carbon fibre rear wing with active aerodynamics, a sporty Brembo brake upgrade with new pads and rotors and Roush billet pedals.

“The Mustang story, now in its 57th year, would be incomplete without the work and influence of Jack Roush,” says Atloli Lesela, Brand Manager at Ford South Africa. “We are immensely proud the team at Performance Centre is able to bring the latest 2021 Roush Mustang additions to our passionate Mustang customers. These upgrades embody and highlight everything that the Mustang nameplate is renowned for, bringing more power and muscular looks to an already outstanding vehicle.”

Pricing will become available when first units arrive in South Africa in the second quarter of 2021.

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