Colin-on-Cars – Online parts from Tata

Tata International Africa has launched its e-commerce parts website and portal that will enable customers anywhere in South Africa to order Tata and Daewoo heavy commercial vehicle parts with doorstep delivery, quickly and conveniently – even in the most remote parts of the country.

“We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve our customers’ interaction with our products. Keeping their vehicles on the road is of extreme importance to us,” says Len Brand, CEO of Tata International Africa.

“We are proud to say we are the first automotive brand in Africa to have developed an online parts store for Heavy Commercial Vehicles, where a customer can place an order and it will be delivered to their doorstep.”

Existing and new customers of Tata and Daewoo commercial vehicles will be able to easily search the online product catalogues and place their purchase through a safe, seamless, real-time, web-based experience.

The online catalogue is currently set up to provide parts for five different Tata Trucks and two Daewoo commercial vehicles. There is also an option to enquire about parts not listed or currently in stock.

The website services customers operating anywhere in South Africa, from big cities to the remotest towns. These customers use their vehicles across multiple sectors where time is money and vehicles are required to be kept on the road timeously.

The e-commerce site will improve the customer experience by enabling anyone to go online and order parts with sales not limited to account holders only. Customers will now be able to place an order without having to go into a dealership or a distribution centre. A secure Direct Payment Online (DPO) Paygate is integrated into the website for easy and safe online payment to be made using a debit or credit card.

A customer care line is available for customers to call and resolve any queries they may have. The website also has an enquiry form which customers can complete online to get feedback from a sales person if a specific item they need is not listed.

The new Tata e-commerce website is accessible on any device with internet access. A mobile app is currently being developed to further improve accessibility and customer satisfaction. Customers can visit for further information.

“The launch of our e-commerce site plays an integral part in keeping our Uptime promise to our customers. We now enable them to keep their trucks on the road by improving the accessibility and delivery of parts to them,” concludes Brand.

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