Colin-on-Cars – Audi S8 combines luxury and blistering performance

With wrinkle-removing acceleration and 800 Nm on tap, the Audi S8 comes with predictive active suspension, dynamic-all-wheel steering and quattro with a sport differential.

As a V8 engine with mild hybrid technology, the high-performance power-plant in the Audi S8 offers an output of 420 kW and 800 Nm of torque, delivered with the aid of two turbo-chargers. Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h and it takes just 3,8 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h.

The mild hybrid system (MHEV) works continuously to reduce fuel consumption. Its 48-volt belt alternator starter and the additional lithium-ion battery enable coasting with the engine switched off, fast restart and an extended start-stop range.

Fuel savings of up to 0,8 l/100 kilometres are possible in everyday driving.

The new S8 comes standard with the predictive active suspension. The high-tech system, which works in combination with the air suspension, can lift or push down each wheel separately via electromechanical actuators. It is therefore possible for the first time to actively control the trim of the body in any driving situation and thus greatly reduce pitch or roll during acceleration or braking.

The Audi drive select system offers five profiles from which to choose. And ’Comfort +’ mode is a new profile in which the body leans into curves by as much as 3 degrees to reduce the lateral acceleration acting on the occupants. In “dynamic” mode, the S8 turns in precisely. The maximum roll angle during fast cornering is just 2,5 degrees.

With the standard suspension, it is around 5 degrees. The position of the S8’s body can be altered even when it is stationary. It is quickly raised by as much as 50 mm when the door handle is actuated, making getting into the car even easier and more comfortable.

Inside, the upper inlay – new and available exclusively in the Audi S8 – is made of Carbon Vector and ihas a special 3D depth effect. Lighting options range up from the standard HD matrix LED headlights with dynamic turn signals to Audi laser light and OLED rear lights (optional extra) for precise and effective line of sight when driving.

The new Audi S8 comes standard with a five year Audi Freeway Plan:


Audi S8 TFSI quattro                 R2,484,000

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