Colin-on-Cars – SA hatchbacks are expensive

South Africa is the third most expensive country in which to buy a hatchback, according to research done by

It compared the prices of cars sold widely around the world, with reference to each car manufacturer’s local website, to reveal the most expensive (and cheapest) countries to buy a hatchback.

The top 10 most expensive countries to buy a hatchback (Volkswagen Golf):

The most expensive country to buy a hatchback is Singapore, with a Volkswagen Golf costing  $134,842 which is five times higher than in the US! While that might seem like a crazy price for a hatchback, cars in Singapore are subject to heavy taxes and fees, in an attempt to limit the number of vehicles on the road.

Ranking in second place as the most expensive to buy a hatchback is Denmark where a new Golf will cost you $43,641. Denmark is followed closely by South Africa, where you can pick up the hatchback for $42,926. 

The research also revealed the cheapest countries to buy a hatchback (Volkswagen Golf) 

The cheapest place to buy a hatchback is in the United States. Here, the Volkswagen Golf will cost you $23,195 when bought brand new. The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most widely available hatchbacks in the world and it’s estimated that over 35 million have been sold globally since 1974. 

Car ownership is very high in the US, so increased competition may be a reason why manufacturers are happy to set their prices so low here. 

Other Insights: 

  • The cheapest country to buy an SUV is Canada ($22,806), whilst the most expensive is Singapore ($129,673). 
  • An EV can be purchased at the lowest price in Macau ($40,382), however in Singapore this figure is significantly higher ($83,489). 
  • If you’re after a new sports car, Canada offers the cheapest purchasing rates ($25,213), whilst Cambodia sees the most expensive ($145,000). 

Interestingly, South Africa does not appear on any of those additional lists.

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